To: All Teachers and Personnel listed here under


To all concerned, your names are not updated in the GSIS record. In order to be updated, please submit Original NSO/PSA Marriage Contract and Latest Pay Slip at the Division Office, Personnel Unit. (Look for Sir Benjo Manalese)


GSIS BP No.                                                        Name

2004388299                                         JENNIFER C. DIMLA

2003030800                                         MELY A. ANCHETA

2003925451                                         MARIA CECILIA R. AGUILAR

2003032002                                         CIELO G. GAMIT

2003997817                                         MARICEL Z. TARUC

2004809398                                         ROXANE N. GERONIMO

2004636056                                         ROSE MARY S. DANCEL

2004636059                                         ALYANA C. DELA CRUZ

2004074967                                         ANNA ROSE C. ENRIQUEZ

2004254970                                         RACHELLE T. DIJAMCO

2004630382                                         DEMYLYN C. MAGTOTO

2005013558                                         JOHNSY MAY G. TERRIBLE

2004522147                                         JHOANA A. OPIMO

2004251000                                         JANNETH V. OBISPO

2003010796                                         JESUSA C. CABERTO

2003422834                                         ROSELLE JOY M. GAGARIN

2003938773                                         JENNYVI V. FACUN

2004697677                                         JO ANN B. TORRES

2003013227                                         EDEN A. VALDEZ

2004080485                                         MICHAELA JOYCE C. CAPINPIN

2004865884                                         ANA DORINA M. PABLO

2003622993                                         LOURIE D. FERMIN

2004077242                                         EDNA P. YALUNG

2004660242                                         MARY R. SUMIBCAY

2003013301                                         JOCELYN P. BALOT

2004867324                                         CLAUDINE L. GUILEB

2003013363                                         RHODALIZA R. URPILLA

2004623566                                         MERLAINE A. AGAT

2004867310                                         SHEENA MARIE A. MACALE

2004027254                                         AGNES E. ZAMORA

2004077404                                         ROWENA L. PAGATPATAN

2004033164                                         MARIA LORENA D. SIMON

2004081030                                         BENG MARIE T. SAMSON

2003990182                                         PIA ANGELI M. GAGARIN

2004186387                                         WILMA P. BAUN

2004334209                                         ANNALYN M. TANEDO

2004190205                                         LOVELY GAY M. CAMPO

2005002869                                         CARMELA G. VICTORIA

2004544867                                         EDILYN P. BALBINO

2004296868                                         ELSIE D. DUENAS

2003964405                                         SHERWIN C. SUAREZ

2004729109                                         JOHNA MAY M. PADUA

2004790664                                         JENNIEFER L. NOTARTE

2004868718                                         GLORIA V. GAMIS

2004081152                                         CRESILDA D. CABILANGAN

2004059090                                         JENNY ROSE O. NAVARRO